The Injury EMR

Healthonomy offers the only EMR and practice management system built specifically for injury-based medicine. We focus on the specific needs of workers’ compensation and personal injury providers, from tracking injuries, to evidenced-based medicine and proper billing. It all adds up to a more streamlined, cost-effective injury practice — so you can focus on what’s important – patient care.

Streamline your workflow

Time-saving technology makes WC- and PI-specific workflows and paperwork more efficient.

Decrease costs

Reduce or eliminate transcription fees, stop paying for multiple systems and free up staff for more productive activities.

Create evidence-based reports — easily

Great reports are essential in injury medicine and Healthonomy makes creating strong, compliant, evidence-based reports faster and easier, saving you from costly mistakes and reducing editing costs.

Optimize revenue

Healthonomy enables easy bill review tracking and billing appeal forms with a few clicks. Manage prepayments, invoicing,

Industry expertise & education

We stay up-to-date on regulations and build the latest regulations into our tools so you are always current.