RFA: The key to success in the new Work Comp

RFA: The key to thriving in the new Work Comp In the post-SB863 Work Comp world, the margin for error or interpretation of treatment requests is gone. Reports must be thorough, requests must follow MTUS, and RFAs must be strong. Accuracy is key to getting treatment approved and, ultimately, to getting paid. RFA Basics The DWC’s Request for Authorization is, nominally, a form used to codify treatment requests for simplified review and authorization of medical treatment for injured … [Read more...]

Medical cost trends in CA workers’ compensation 2007-2012

Cost trends in CA workers' compensation At the March 6, 2014 CHSWC meeting, Henry Miller from the Berkeley Research Group presented information on access and cost trends in CA workers' compensation for the period 2007-2012. There were several interesting numbers presented: The number of injured workers receiving medical services declined 28% The number of providers treating injured workers declined 21% The number of bills submitted declined 21% The number of services billed increased … [Read more...]