“I chose Healthonomy to get all of our clinics under one efficient system. This system is by far the easiest to learn and use. It helps us address SB863 compliance by making paperwork and the bill review processes easier. Also, Healthonomy has the best and easiest to use RFA tool I’ve seen, so we get treatment recommendations approved much more efficiently. My only regret is that we did not start sooner.”
Robert Herrera
MJ Medical Management

“I had the unique opportunity to be one of the first people to utilize Healthonomy for a pain management practice, live and in the clinical setting. At the time I worked as a medical historian where I needed to be able to take a thorough history, as well as subjective complaints, in an expedient manner so that the volume of patients scheduled for consultations on that day could be attended by the doctor. I was immediately impressed with the robust functionality of the Healthonomy software and the amount of details it captured in regards to medical history, mechanism of injury, and subjective complaints. Every doctor I worked with who utilized the examination forms that were generated by Healthonomy’s document production module praised the easy, straightforward yet comprehensive content of the examination forms, which allowed them to capture a great deal of examination information and treatment recommendations without the need of a lot of pen strokes.

Later as the years progressed, I began to work in the medical reports transcription department. Working in this capacity I was able to fully understand the scope of the software, and the completeness of the work flow it facilitated, as the histories and examination details that were executed by historians and physicians in the clinic could be transcribed into reports seamlessly and in minutes.
Shortly thereafter I became the manager of a newly formed medical practice and immediately thought to implement Healthonomy as our medical reporting solution. In my talks with the support team at Healthonomy we planned specific customizations that our physicians requested, which were facilitated quickly and to the exacting standards of the doctors. It was at this time that I learned of many of the other functions that Healthonomy offers, like the EMR module, clinical scheduling module, and medical billing module.

Through the use of Healthonomy I provided the doctors and the management company with a comprehensive solution to our medical practice needs and increased productivity by a considerable margin.

It has been a pleasure to be a client of Healthonomy, a company that has attended the practice’s needs and developed solutions unique to our work flow, and I frequently recommend Healthonomy to my colleagues in the industry.”
Michael L. Rivera
Manager, ZA Management